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upcoming webinar

grow your pre-pay savings: leveraging analytics to get more bang for your buck

How can payers extract maximum value from their claim editing solutions? Applying advanced analytics is foundational to optimizing claim editing savings and workflow efficiency, and creates a framework to identify and implement high-value performance improvement initiatives.

Come hear from Verscend experts who will demonstrate analytic techniques used to optimize claim accuracy savings and reveal code edits driving the most value for payers.

Join us for Verscend’s upcoming webinar hosted by Debi Behunin, our vice president of clinical performance management, and Jonathan Edwards, director of analytics and consulting. You’ll learn about:

  • Analytic techniques to optimize claim editing outcomes
  • Identification of the highest-value code edits to implement
  • The market trends that impact payment integrity

There’s money in the data—and we’ll help you find it.

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